Ten Things To Ask Every Contractor:

1. What is your business history?
  • State License
  • Worker’s Compensation & General Liability Insurance
  • BBB Accreditation
  • Experience & Number of Years In Business
  • List of References
2. Have you ever operated under a different name?
  • Lawsuits, Bankruptcy, Liens
3. How will you communicate with me?
  • Emails
  • Text
  • Phone
  • One-To-One Meetings
4. What is the timeline on the project?
  • Start Date, Completion Date
  • Selections Date
5. How will you communicate selection decisions?
  • Spreadsheets
  • Emails, Text, Phone, One-To-One Meetings
6. Have you done a project comparable to mine in the past?
  • Issues or Concerns
  • Knowledge on This Type of Project
7. Who will manage my project?
  • Contractor
  • Superintendent
  • Sub-Contractor
8. How do you structure contracts?
  • Cost Plus
  • Stipulated Sum/Turn-Key
  • Flat Contractor Fee
9. What amount of money is required down?
  • Earnest Money Required (Where is the money held?)
  • Non-Refundable Deposit
  • Invoicing (Schedule of Payments)
  • Retainage
10. Do you back your craftsmanship?
  • Builders’ Warranty

Things I Need To Know Before Building A Home:

  • Do I own property to build or do I need to purchase property?
  • Do I have a home plan selected?
    • If no,
      • Will I choose stock plans or custom drawn blueprints?
  • What type of finishes do I want?
    • Exterior finishes: Brick, stone, fiber-cement board, vinyl siding, etc.
    • Interior finishes: Flooring, cabinetry & millwork, paint colors, etc.
  • What is my timeline on home completion?
  • What is my budget?
  • What type of financing options exists for new construction?
  • How involved do I want to be in the building process?
    • Do I want to actively participate in all, part or none of the process?
  • Do I want many options for my choices or a limited selection?
  • What is the most important feature of my new home? In other words . . . what is the one thing that I must have?
  • Help us help you . . . what can we do to make your building project a wonderful experience?